Kiilto's products convinced construction company Kumoni with shortened drying times and improved work comfort.

Shorter drying times and improved work comfort

The Kuopio-based construction company Kumoni has switched to Kiilto products for all their plaster, waterproofing, adhesive and glue needs.

Kumoni has been actively involved in Kiilto's product development for quite some time. The joint development efforts have resulted in significant reductions in drying times. The partnership reached a new level when Kumoni decided to try out the machine-sprayable Kiilto OT Light smoothing plaster.

“We had used other manufacturers’ machine-sprayable smoothing plasters, but we were seeking a product with slightly different qualities. After trying out the Kiilto OT Light smoothing plaster, we immediately felt that we had found the right product for us,” says Work Manager Kai Seppänen.

Workers prefer Kiilto

Machine-spraying speeds up the work significantly: a skilled worker can spray plaster six bathrooms in a day. Done manually, the process would take many times longer.

Kumoni's tilers prefer Kiilto's high-quality products that improve work comfort. For health reasons, it is important that the products do not generate dust.

Compatibility, Finnish quality and good service were convincing

Kumoni started to use Kiilto’s product lines because it wanted to ensure the compatibility of the different products. The availability of service was also an important criterion.

“You can always reach a Kiilto representative, and the company really listens to its customers. The work is not interrupted due to the product supplier being out of reach when advice or a visit to the site is needed.”

The work is not interrupted due to the product supplier being out of reach when advice or a visit to the site is needed.

According to Kiilto’s Regional Manager Kari Rinne, speed is key with products too, since Kumoni likes to purchase domestic products and hire local subcontractors for the work.

“The fact that our products are fully Finnish is much appreciated and is definitely one of the factors that led to cooperation with Kiilto,” Seppänen says.

Photo: Pentti Vänskä

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Kumoni is a Kuopio-based renovation business specialising in heating, water, ventilation and electrical renovations. It works in housing associations, public buildings and commercial buildings. Kumoni employs some 35–40 full-time workers and its annual turnover is about 6–8 million euros.

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